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TitaZero – MKV

Distributed Ledger Tecnology IOTA

For the data collection and distribution we chose to explore an innovative solution, the Tangle, a distributed ledger technology by the IOTA Foundation, an evolution of the blockchain.

The IOTA Tangle
The IOTA Tangle

The TitaZero collects data such as consumption, pressures and temperature for different actors, from the brewing industry to the merchant. In addition, the keg authorisation codes for the NFC control system.

The challenge is to make this data available to all actors on a single channel, ensuring the truthfulness of the data and possibly transmit them globally. The infrastructure costs would be very high, so SQC Systems has chosen to explore the possibilities of the IOTA distributed ledger. This protocol designed to become the standard communication protocol for the Internet of Thing of the future allows information to be transmitted over a scalable distributed network, globally, with a quantum immune encryption and above all at no cost.
An advantageous solution for a startup like SQC Systems.

Diagram of use of IOTA Distributed Ledger Technologies for the TitaZero System
The use of the IOTA protocol for data communication with TitaZero