TitaZero is a patented IoT (Internet of Things) device that improves beer quality and the efficiency of tapping systems.

  • automatic washing of the ducts when the keg is changed
  • automatic adjustment of the back pressure according to the storage temperature
  • anti-counterfeiting of the brand through the NFC
  • reader alarms with notifications of plant malfunctions
  • collection of usage data and sensors
  • Dashboard with instantaneous consumption management
Rendering prototype TitaZero MK II

At each change of the keg it is recommended to wash the ducts of the dispensing system with water. This procedure avoids that the stale beer in the ducts contributes to the proliferation of microorganisms that alter the smell and taste.
The result of microbiological analysis confirms that beer tapped through the TitaZero system undergoes a slow deterioration process compared to beer tapped through the traditional system.

TitaZero eliminates the complexity of manual washing thanks to our patented automatic system.

TitaZero prolongs the life of the drum by reducing the saturation of CO2 contained in it.

TitaZero guarantees through a control and authentication system that the product delivered to the final customer is the one indicated and advertised on the tapping column.

With historical and real time diagnostic data on cooler temperature, recirculation pump, back pressure and storage room temperature, it is possible to effectively diagnose system malfunctions, optimizing technical support interventions.

Grafana Dashboard with realtime data.